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Winter Walking

Cleared and marked paths offer restorative relaxation in snow-covered nature.

The Information Office of the Tourism Association of St. Anton am Arlberg can give you the best tips for winter walks, maps and path descriptions. You only have to take the first step - and then the next - and listen to how the snow crunches under your boots.

It is not just the pistes and cross-country trails which are well maintained in St. Anton am Arlberg. For winter hikers or for people who just like to treat themselves to a few contemplative and relaxing hours, there are paths - cleared and marked - which lead the way out into the snow-covered mountains.

After all, there's hardly anything more relaxing and beneficial to your well-being than heading out on such a wintry path, wrapped up in a warm ski parka, cap pulled down over both ears, rugged, solid boots and a keen eye for the fascination of the landscape.
That's how you walk on the historic St. James Path above St. Jakob all the way to the eastern town district of Gand.
Or, not far from the charming cross-country trail deep into the Verwall valley, you circle around Verwall lake and return to the village, yearning for a cup of tea laced with rum.
Or simply stroll along the banks of Rosanna, marvelling at the enchanting ice formations the winter cold has sculpted in the wild brook.

Enjoy our hiking trails and our fresh and healthy air in the Alps.

70 km of hiking paths will be cleared for our guests.

Rosanna 20 km, Verwall 14 km, round St. Anton am Arlberg 3 km, Galerie 3 km, Rodelhütte 7 km, Jakobusweg 7 km, Ganderau 3 km, Pettneu via Vadiesen 12 km, St. Christoph 2 km, 

Snowshoe Walking

Discover the wonderful snow covered landscape of St. Anton am Arlberg with our alpine guides and enjoy the calmness of the surroundings.