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Entdecke Arpuria. Your brand-new hidden luxury mountain home Ab 24.12.2022 ARPURIA
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Float through the skies of St. Anton!

Discover gigantic massifs and enjoy the splendid view of the wonderful Arlberg region.
Our flight school Flight Connection briefly gives you the feeling of being “as free as a bird”.
Visit the web site of Flight Connection Arlberg and be captivated by paragliders and tandem flights.
Flight Connection Arlberg operates a chartered flight service licensed by the bmvit (Bundesministerium für Verkehr Innovation und Technologie) (Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology). All pilots have been flying for at least four years and also have a special licence for tandem flying.  
A unique offer in the Ski World: Para Powder Expeditions
Experience the ultimate Para Powder Expedition. Have you ever dreamed of taking off and flying to a remote place where the snow is untouched? And enjoying the nature in this alpine environment? And descending the slopes you don't have to share with other skiers?