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St. Andrews is in Scotland, St. Anton is on the Arlberg. 
St. Andrews is famous, and so is St. Anton.

Golf was founded and refined at the former, while the latter is the cradle of alpine skiing. Since time immemorial St. Andrews has been the mecca for golfers, while St. Anton is the El Dorado of winter sports lovers. However, one thing is remarkable: no one would ever dream of trying to ski in St. Andrews.

Yet St. Anton offers its summer guests a charming 6-hole golf course which provides challenges for both beginners and advanced players as well as a lot of enjoyment. 

Golf is booming all over the world. The fascination of putting a small white ball in as few strokes as possible into a far distant hole is infinitely compelling. And the effect that a superstar like Tiger Woods has on the younger generation of players is also great, as he drives, chips and putts his way from success to success over the fairways and greens of the world.

Everyone wants to try it out. And in fact there really are no age boundaries, you can be neither too young nor too old to begin this sport. 

But where do you begin? Where can you learn to take your first steps under good direction on the manicured greens? Where do you not have to be a club member to try out a driver, a 6-iron or a putter.

St. Anton's course offers the perfect opportunity.

Rental clubs, instruction, children's afternoons, qualification for play on other courses - and all that just a few steps from the centre of the village and in really impressive alpine surroundings: every tee-off provides splendid views over the surrounding mountains. And the course itself is also mountainous.

Of course, St. Anton cannot compete with the architected landscapes of the courses in St. Andrews or with their difficulties. But as far as topographical conditions here in the Alps are concerned, they might prove to be the undoing of many a British gentleman. Two of the six fairways lead rather steeply uphill, and you even wonder whether mountain boots might be more appropriate than those smart golf shoes.