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Maria and Karl Fahrner built a tiny guesthouse in the years 1954 to 1957. In 1966, the guesthouse became a Hotel Garni.

In 1988, the owner’s son, Andreas Fahrner, took over the Hotel with his wife Gina. The young and ambitious couple started to upgrade the property without compromising the rustic charm of the original guesthouse. Soon, they transformed the Hotel Garni into a Three Star Hotel. 

In the years 1999 and 2007, the property underwent extensive expansion and refurbishment. While preserving tradition, the new Hotel was to provide guests with the comfort and modern conveniences they were searching for.

In March 2012 we were awarded a 4th Star by the Austrian Hotel Classification Scheme. Proud of our tradition and of our achievements so far, we look to the future with ambitious plans and goals to provide the best for our honoured guests.

The charm and allure of the original 1950's guesthouse has been carefully preserved and we have added exactly what you need in this modern day to relax and escape. Our Hotel provides the utmost pleasures of modern day living combined with a feeling of tradition.

Privately owned by the Fahrner Family for over 55 years, the Hotel is now run by the 2nd generation with a lot of passion, love and dedication.