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Kaiserstein Wine Cellar

There's no dining without wining…

Our Kaiserstein Wine Cellar provides perfect conditions for laying down fine wines and you'll find an interesting extensive list – from the finest Austrian wines to extraordinary wines from all over the world, the Wine Cellar at Fahrner Hotel offers an experience that will delight your senses.

The wine list changes regularly and you can taste wine by the glass. Let us help you pair a savoury wine with your dinner selection while you relax and enjoy the cool, intrigue of our wine cellar.

With a great passion for fine wines, we have collected international rarities and some limited gems to delight our guests.

Our Wine Cellar was built in 1996 using original Kaiserstein bricks. With its quaint atmosphere, the authentic Wine Cellar at Fahrner Hotel is the perfect location for an intimate event or a celebration.

Join us for a memorable Wine Tasting at our Kaiserstein Wine Cellar.